Saturday, October 3, 2009

Chance Encounters The Gulfport Art Walk

The Gulfport Art Walk is always interesting and a great way to meet local craftsmen and vendors. Last night was no exception. We had the opportunity to meet so many folks and each "Chance Encounter" was a delight.

We met our new friend from Easy Peacey who does handcrafted items of all sorts. Hans Rosendahl from RosenMart, Inc., offers lawn ornaments, solar products, wind chimes, etc. Keith Stillwagon of Stillwagon Studios, is a local painter who produces outstanding work. Ron Lynn does custom furniture and beautiful plexiglass art. We met Joe and Judy of Freeway Art, and many other local artists and neighbors.

We so enjoy our "Chance Encounters" and find that we are welcomed to share our story, and so in turn, we get to share theirs.

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